Personality and Cognitive Assessments

When job vacancies are advertised, the employers must select the right individuals through some recruiting techniques. These tehniques are used to evaluate the personality, character traits and competence of the potential employees. The two specific assessments in this regard are personality assessments and pre-employment testing.

Personality assessment

Personality assessments usually look into candidates’ emotional state, attitude, character traits, motivations and temperament. These attributes affect how well a potential employee will fit within the company structure. Interviewers may make various approaches when carrying out personality assessments, including:

Verbal and non-verbal interviews
To understand their occupational ambitions and past work experiences

Cognitive assessments 
To understand how their thoughts influence their decision making, planning and logical thinking

Behavioural observation 
To assess their response to high pressure situations

Personality inventories 
To establish your education, occupation, health, economic and social backgrounds

Pre-employment testing

Usually, pre-employment testing is a regulated, unbiased technique of assessing the candidates’ competency and attributes in relation to satisfying the requirements of the job. Some common pre-employment evaluations are;

Skill tests 
To assess their adequacy of skills acquired through formal training or job experience

Aptitude tests 
To measure their intelligence and logic

Personality tests
To identify and establish their behavioral traits

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